How do I transport my knives?

I've had a number of customers comment that they were not sure how they should transport their knives. Sometimes knives show up individually wrapped & taped up, sometimes I see a customer precariously walking up my driveway (which is a bit steep) juggling their knives as they come up... 

So, what do I recommend? 

What I've found works well and pretty much everyone has the materials readily available to do is to roll your knives up in a dish towel. Here's how I do it (when I return them.

1. Spread your dish towel out on a flat surface - the long side towards you.
2. Place your knives with the tip facing you, leaving about 2-3 inches from the edge of the towel, leaving about 1/8 inch between each knife. I tend to do the biggest ones first. Make sure the tips are lined up (not the handles). 
3. Fold over the 2-3 inches you left in front of the tips.
4. Roll the knives up in the towel
5. Secure them using either string or a couple of rubber bands. 

I'll add some pictures soon.


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