Tormek KJ-45 adjustable retrofit
Tormek KJ-45 adjustable retrofit
Tormek KJ-45 adjustable retrofit
Tormek KJ-45 adjustable retrofit
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Tormek KJ-45 adjustable retrofit

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Looking for an SVM-45, you can't find one but you already have a KJ-45? This is for you!

I’ve developed a retrofit for the KJ-45 to bring back the adjustable attribute of the SVM-45 and given it a longer shaft to accommodate larger and smaller blades.

NOTE: KJ-45 is not included, only the retrofit parts.
We just completed our first production run - get your's while supplies last.

Problems with the SVM-45

  1. It’s not adjustable, you can’t make micro adjustments easily, rendering the wood block, fixed distance technique less useful.
  2. Tool rest handle is too small, long blades pull the knife towards you, it's less comfortable.
  3. Occasionally you inadvertently use the “shortstop” without realizing.
  4. The self-centering aspect is generally solving allow priority problem – we’ve never-ever had a customer complain about  it.
  5. Plastic shaft is not as sturdy as it needs to be.
  6. Smaller torque screw is hard to get tight.

Problems with the KJ-45

  1. Shaft is slightly too short to accommodate very thin/wide blades without adjusting tool rest height.
  2. Plastic tool-rest wears out, we wrap electricaltape around the treads to establish tension… after three years it is now   stripped.
  3. Not “centered” – though we have not found thisto be a real problem.
  4. It’s no longer being produced (boo!)