Everyone deserves a sharp knife!

I've been working on making knives over the past few years. Starting with steel pieces and forging them into Damascus billets and then into knives. Along the way, I've learned a great deal - one of the skills I picked up is sharpening. 

In my own kitchen I've tolerated dull knives for too long! Now I sharpen them regularly, thin sliced tomatoes - no problem! It occurred to me that probably just about every house has numerous high quality knives that are just dull! So, I started Magnolia Knife Sharpening where I can combine my skill as a knife maker with a useful service at an affordable price. 

A customer recently commented, they sharpen knives at my local grocery store for free, why would I pay you? Well, when you sharpen a good knife on the machines they have at my grocery store or even at home you get a very uneven and malformed edge and blade. This results in uneven wear and the edge is not held for nearly as long because the wear on the blade is not uniform. You may have noticed that piercing the skin on a tomato is hard in one place on your favorite knife but it works in a certain spot. 

Anyway, I do this because I like to do it! There is a lot of satisfaction in getting even a cheap knife razor sharp. I even picked up some knives from goodwill recently and sharpend them up as loaner knives so you don't have to make multiple trips!

 Even this thrift store knife can shave and slice  paper in half after sharpening!

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