Magnolia Knife Sharpening
Magnolia Knife Sharpening
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Dropping off your knives at Magnolia Knife Sharpening

Drop off

  1. Go to 3501 W. Commodore Way, Seattle Wa 98199
  2. At the top of the driveway there is a drop box with instructions
  • Put your items in one of the tubes 
  • Fill out a card with your name, email, phone number and the number of items.
  • Text me at 206-636-1236 "Drop off <your name>"
  • Note; if you prefer to put your knives in the lockbox give me a call and I'l give you the combination. 

Drop off hours/days:
You can drop off at any time during daylight hours. 


  1. Once I've sharpened your items, you'll receive a payment link in your email (check spam/junk), I'll also text you. 
  2. I'll leave your items in the lockbox with your name on them, the email and text will have instructions to open the lockbox. 

That's it!

Of course, you can call/text/email me with any questions. 

Everyone deserves a sharp knife!

 Magnolia Knife Sharpening Drop Box