Commercial Sharpening Service

We are pleased to offer a commercial sharpening service!

We offer service in Ballard, Queen Anne and Magnolia, there are two options.

  1. Full service: we provide the knives, we rotate them based on your needs.
  2. Sharpening Service: We pick up your knives on a schedule, sharpen them and return them the same day or next day depending on your needs & schedule. 

Full Service Details

We have standard packages and can customize if needed. We provide the knives, sharpening and deliver them - full service. You also choose whether you'd like to rotate every two or every four weeks.

Call 206-636-1236 for pricing. 

Sharpening Service Details

We will be in your neighborhood on a regular schedule (every two weeks). If you'd like us to include your location in our route just call, text or email! We offer bulk discounts and guarantee overnight service and often are able provide same-day service. 

*pricing only for commercial customers included in route